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Language Hacking Guide – My Goals

Posted by drivers99 on May 17, 2010

Irish Polyglot’s Language Hacking Guide came out today and I’m already having a great time reading it. It’s currently $39 and set to go up by $10 (once they translate it into other languages besides English). I’m on page 53 in which I’m supposed to post my goals on my language log. Fortunately I already have a language log which is this site so that saves me some time!

I’m taking some notes so I will also blog about the guide as a whole and what you can expect from it in another post, in case someone is wondering whether or not to get it. But for now, let me just post some goals:

  • Be able to sing and understand all the songs off of Bubblegum Crisis CD within 2 months (July 17, 2010).
  • Be able to carry on a conversation with people online by voice about a handful of selected topics within 3 months. (August 17, 2010).
  • Be able to understand half of what they are talking about on a podcast and explain it to someone else within 3 months. (August 17, 2010).
  • Be able to understand half of the speech and follow a story in anime within 3 months. (August 17, 2010).
  • Be able to understand half of written manga and follow the story within 3 months. (August 17, 2010).
  • “Fluency” (90% understanding of the above, making few mistakes) within 12 months (May 17, 2011).

The first one is just for fun, but I have some ideas of how to go about doing that.  AJATT has a blog post about learning songs and using overlapping short audio clips in an SRS deck in order to learn it.

The following ones are basically: speaking, listening, listening, and reading.  The last one is a long term goal.  It is “fluency” within 12 months (not the 3 months that Irish Polyglot talks about).  We shall see if I can do it in less time instead, which would be nice.

I don’t have one for writing so let me add one:

  • be able to hand-write 3 paragraphs about a topic of my choice, with kanji, within 3 months. (August 17, 2010).

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