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Having More Fun in Japanese

Posted by drivers99 on December 30, 2010

I’m in the middle of reading Ramses Oudt’s short ebook “How I Learned Spanish” which just came out for free to his mailing list subscribers. He is talking a lot about the importance of having fun in Spanish (but I’m sure it applies to any language).

I will admit that lately I often think about quitting Japanese. I feel a lot of pressure in the form of real world responsibilities on which I am not doing as well as I could be. (However now that I think about it, those two don’t really have anything to do with each other.) At the same time, I know that I refuse to give up. Reading his ebook is really inspiring to me because he talks about some of his struggles until he started making it more fun.

So I started thinking about ways to make it more fun. I already loaded up my car with Japanese music, and that is working well. I’m actually liking it more and more. I should keep exploring different groups and finding more stuff that I like, so that I have more to listen to all the time.

I thought about what would be interesting to read. Then I had the idea to find out if there are Japanese pen-and-paper role playing games. That is a link to a wikipedia article (in English) about the topic. Here is a website (in Japanese) for a game called SwordWorld 2.0. I’m surprised that the rulebooks appear to be fairly inexpensive compared to the super-expensive (e.g. $40 per volume) RPGs you typically see in English. One interesting thing I found out is that there is a genre of fiction called replay. From what I can tell it is a kind of light novelization of campaigns (sessions) played in a given RPG. That seems potentially interesting as well.

Some other ideas are that I should try to look at more video media and try to find more stuff that I like (anime, manga, TV dramas, movies, youtube videos). Especially stuff that I will like even though I don’t understand it yet.


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